District Council

Kyegegwa District will hold the last council where the chairman will deliver the state of the district address on 29th June 2018.

District Council Stopped Charcoal Burning

The District Council which sat on 25th May 2018 at the District Headquarter in Council Hall has stopped the burning of Charcoal in Kyegegwa District.
This came after the district council passing the draft budget which estimated over 20 billions.
In the budget charcoal burning only contributed 3 millions through local revenue collections thus the environment is being degraded.

Historical Gold Medal in Athletics

Kyegegwa District was among the successful districts which participated in the National Competition in Athletics. A primary Six pupil from Kakasoro Primary School, Kyegegwa Town Council by the names of Katusabe Immaculate managed to WIN a Gold Medal for Kyegegwa District.
The Secretary for Education and at the same time the District Charperson, Hon. Byamukama John Kisoke promised to sit with his committee and see how to reward the District Hero.