Kyegegwa District to Launch Physical Fitness Day on 31st August 2018

On 08/07/2018- Sunday morning dawned in Kampala Capital City, Ugandans started to flock the Kololo Independence Grounds as early as 6:00AM to join the Ministry of Health in launching the National Day of Physical Activity, for the first time ever – as part of a campaign to raise awareness on the growing burden of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in Uganda.

Individuals from all walks of life, ages and physical ability; from 5 years to 70 years old, from the disabled to the abled, men in uniform, Cabinet Ministers, Permanent Secretaries of various Ministries and heads of Development Agencies flooded the venue to stretch, dance, exercise, jog, play games such as football, netball, basketball and other activities in a bid to beat NCDs.

Kyegegwa District Local Government joins the rest of the country to participate and implement the physical fitness program that was officially launched by H.E the President of the Republic of Uganda.

the overall objective of the program is to promote physical exercise amongst the staff and the people of Kyegegwa so as to develop intellectual, physical and healthy minds and bodies in order to promote efficient,, effective and timely service delivery in the District.

The launch will take place on Friday 31st August, 2018 at the District Headquarter opposite District Service Commission Offices.

The participants in this activity include:
1- All District based staff
2- Sub County Chiefs
3- DEC Members and Councilors
4- RDC’s Office
5- Health Center Staff
6- Schools
7- Implementing Partners
8- Religious Leaders
9- Police and Prisons
10- Civil Society Organizations

For the start of the exercise the route to be taken will be short but as the exrcie goes on longer routes shall be considered

Route 1
District Headquarters> Petrocity> Katente> Kabaraba Stores>District Headquarters

Route 2
District Headquarters> Petrocity> Katente> Mukako> Fort Portal Rd> Kako P/S> High Way> District Headquarters

Route 3
District Headquarters> Prisons> Nkaaka> Kyegegwa HCIV> Kabagenyi Street> District Headquarters

Sports Activities Include:
1- Drills
2- Long and short walks
3- Running and Jogging
4- Football
5- Netball
6- Volleyball

Note: The physical fitness shall always be taking place twice a month i.e. 2nd and Last Friday of every month.

We call upon all the members of staff to embrace physical fitness program not only for fun but for body building, healthy and active minds and above all to fight against lifestyle related illness and diseases including stress.