Production and Marketing


The Vermin Officer with Apiary Farmer

Department composition

Production Department is composed of 05 sectors namely;

  1. Crop
  2. Livestock / Veterinary
  3. Entomology / Vermin
  4. Agricultural engineering and
  5. Fisheries.

The thrust of the national development will largely depend on how best agriculture is transformed from peasant to mechanization.  There is also need to increase in a sustainable way agricultural production and productivity for improved household food security and income, thus improving the quality of life of the farming communities. All this is planned to be achieved through Operation Wealth Creation (OWC)

Key Functions for Production

  1. Coordinating the preparation of Production budgets and Strategic Action Plans for the district
  2. Coordinating the implementation of Government production policies, programmes, projects and regulations and district budgets and Strategic Action Plans
  3. Coordinating the delivery of production and marketing extension services in the District
  4. Providing technical guidance and advice to the administration of the District and District Council on production issues, programmes and projects
  5. Monitoring the detection and control of the threat and occurrence of pests, vermin and animal epidemics in the District
  6. Monitoring the use and management of production facilities in the District
  7. Promoting appropriate production technologies and best practices in the District
  8. Providing and regulating Veterinary and animal husbandry activities and related services to farmers