Kyeisaza Lights the Way: Transformative Success of the Community Energy Cook Stoves Project

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The Kyeisaza Community Energy Saving Cook Stoves project, initiated in 2022 with a funding of 52,682,201 Ugandan Shillings, has revolutionized cooking practices and energy consumption for forty-two beneficiaries in Kyeisaza village, Buraro ward, Wetege watershed, Kakabara sub-county, Kyegegwa District.

Implemented by the Kabarole Research and Resource Center (KRC), this project focused on adopting energy-saving technology (cook stoves) at the household level. The beneficiaries, dedicated to reducing unsustainable use of natural resources, actively participated in this transformative initiative.

“This project brought sustainable energy solutions to a local community” Mr. Namara Archangel the sub project chairperson said.

Initiated in 2022, the project has witnessed significant milestones, showcasing the tangible impact of energy-saving cook stoves.

KRC spearheaded the implementation, engaging political teams, district technical teams, community facilitators, community watershed committees, and sub-project committee members in rigorous monitoring and supervision activities.


Adoption of New Technology: Beneficiaries embraced the use of modern cook stoves, reducing wood fuel consumption significantly compared to traditional methods.

"The introduction of modern cook stoves has changed the way we use energy in our kitchens. It's efficient and sustainable." – Nantongo Margret, Project Participant.

Time Savings: The cook stoves, equipped with three source pan sits, enabled beneficiaries to save time during meal preparation. The adoption of modern cook stoves has also significantly reduced pressure on natural resources like trees for wood fuel.

Health Risks Reduction: The project minimized health risks, particularly for females engaged in kitchen work, by directing smoke into chimneys, ensuring a safer cooking environment.

 Kitchen Garden Establishment: Training sessions empowered beneficiaries to establish kitchen gardens which have enhanced access to a balanced diet. These have led to improved balanced diets among project beneficiaries.

The project has contributed to reduced malnutrition, ensuring mothers can keep food warm for their infants with the efficient cook stoves.

Capacity Building: Beyond cooking innovations, households were capacitated through training on Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA). Beneficiaries have successfully implemented VSLA practices, demonstrating financial resilience through group savings.

Bio Char Processing: Beneficiaries received training on effective use of carbonized drums to process bio char, contributing to sustainable cooking practices.

Kyeisaza lights the way for sustainable cooking practices, showcasing not just technological advancements but also a holistic transformation in community well-being and environmental stewardship.

A saving stove in one of the beneficiary’s home in Kyeisaza

Published by: Baingana Samuel

Communication Officer