Mukarama's Green Triumph: Sowing Seeds of Prosperity and Unity

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Mukarama Community Tree Planting, a grassroots initiative under the Development Response to Displacement Impacts project (DRDIP), has burgeoned into a beacon of success. Located in Mukarama LC1 within the Iringa watershed, Mpara sub-county, Kyegegwa District, this community-driven project has transformed lives and the environment.

Enlisting 87 beneficiaries, including 45 females and 42 males, with 10 members with special needs, the project's community-led management included Sabiiti Eriya (Chairperson), Abenaitwe Emmanuel (Secretary), Korugendo Mariaserina (Treasurer), and Bingi Josephine (Chairperson, Community Procurement Committee).

Implemented in September 2021, the project spans Mukarama LC1, Iringa watershed, Mpara sub-county, Kyegegwa District.

Three years since its implementation, the trees planted during the project have matured, showcasing the enduring impact of the initiative.

Funded with 51,617,217 Ugandan Shillings, the community passionately planted a variety of trees, including Clonal eucalyptus, musizi, Griveria, and fruit trees, covering 15 acres. Additionally, 10 bee hives were distributed to beneficiaries.


Environmental Conservation: Beneficiaries actively participated in planting trees on 15 acres, fostering environmental conservation, reducing soil erosion, and modifying climate conditions.

"This project has become a shield against erosion, and our shared efforts have made our environment more sustainable." - Sabiiti Eriya, Chairperson of CPMC.

Livelihood Improvement: Beneficiaries earned wages and adopted a saving culture through labor-intensive public works, including site clearing, hole digging, tree planting, and weeding.

Integrated Agricultural Activities: Growing leguminous crops improved nutritional benefits, with surplus sales generating income for the group members.

Fuel Wood Accessibility: The project significantly supported beneficiaries with firewood, reducing the workload on females and eliminating the need for long-distance wood fuel searches.

Training and Safeguards: Beneficiaries received training on environment and social safeguards, addressing issues related to child protection, conflict resolution, and the mitigation of gender-based violence.

Impact on Communities:

 According to Sabiiti Eriya, Chairperson of CPMC , Climate Change Mitigation: Planting trees on 15 acres reduced the impact of climate change and soil erosion.

Fuel Wood Accessibility: Beneficiaries now access wood fuel closer to home, reducing costs and effort.

Enhanced Saving Culture: The mother group formed smaller self-help groups, showcasing improved saving habits.

Accumulated Savings: Participants in labor-intensive public works accumulated a total mandatory saving of 2,349,000 UGX, showcasing improved financial practices.

Honey Production Success: Generated 1,700,000 UGX from selling 170 kg of honey, enriching four small groups.

"The honey sales have not just sweetened our pockets but have created a buzz of economic empowerment in our small groups." - Bingi Josephine, Chairperson of Community Procurement Committee.

Capacity Building:

Beneficiaries attained capacities in social activities, fostering the exchange of development ideas among themselves.

Mukarama's Green Triumph is a testament to the transformative power of community-led initiatives. Beyond environmental impact, it has sown the seeds of prosperity, unity, and sustainable development, shaping a brighter future for Mukarama and beyond.


Community tree planting at Mukarama at the establishment of the project            Beneficiaries of mukarama tree project after a long day work in their tree project

Published by: Baingana Samuel

Communication Officer